Borrowed time

A few weeks ago someone I knew, died suddenly. This had a profound affect on me, in the sense that we should always live in the present. Being aware of what is important, opposed to ‘keeping up appearances’. I am always re-evaluating my emotional and spiritual life, on a regular basis. Then today, I was required to update my ‘First Aid’ skills for work, administering CPR to (dummy) babies, children and adults. Discussing the perils of seizures, asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, burns and respiratory disorder. Rollercoaster ride of life and death. I have worked as a nurse, and experienced terminal cancer patients, and the memories that families explore, on reflection of their previous years. It is a humbling and proud moment, when your patient or friend remembers your name only, knowing your existence mattered. Life is fragile. Stare life in the face, that’s all.

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