Rain. People. Silence is sublime. Walking down the street, to see a frail woman struggle with her umbrella, a child screaming uncontrollably, and the mother trying to make sense of what she should do. I know what that feels like. A couple hold hands, there is this aroma of aioli, coffee and bacon wafting from a local cafe. The library does not have the book I want, so request it. Urban existence can be so loud, the noise can be deafening at times. Indulging in books is luxurious, especially the biographical kind. I have watched certain films in the last day, titles like ‘restless’ and ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ featuring great actors like Rachel Weisz, for research purposes. ‘Love’ is something everyone should experience, at least once in their life. I mean that ‘butterfly’ sensation that you get, when you ache for the other half of you, nothing else compares. What inspires you?

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