Presently, I am surrounded by several pregnant friends, who are all due to give birth in the next 1-4 weeks. Exciting times for these women, who are about to experience, a permanent and deliberate change in their lives. It is indeed a privilege to be a parent. Children teach us to be selfless, in my opinion. They constantly need emotional, physical and financial support to grow. Each birthday brings new challenges, and special memories, from toddler, to school, through to teen, then adult. Hormonal, environmental, genetic and organic change are all apart, of the tapestry of infancy. Unconditional love, to the hilt, I think.

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  1. David McNeill

    Hi Melissa,

    Love your out look on children and totally agree that they do make you selfless. I would go further to suggest that they take you right out of your comfort zone and in the process one becomes a more rounded and ultimately happier person.
    This last year 2012 our older girl (sixteen yrs) was excited by the opportunity of going on an exchange trip to study German in Munich. She is also a very talented violinist so Germany had a double appeal.

    This all has coincided with an unexpected career downturn for me and the question of whether we should really be sending her given finance issues loomed large.

    When it came to talking about the issue, my daughter stood up and said “I am going! (full stop) ” I have almost got the air fare together” Well an unexpected financial windfall and some creative fund raising meant that she also had spending money.

    I found myself feeling happy that she was able to take up this opportunity, something that will help her future and something I never had the chance to do myself.

    I also feel that it has intensified my desire to be the best I can and to get the career back on track, for her sake and for my wife and our younger 12 year old.

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