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Are You A Morning Person?


Recently, I was interviewed (via twitter) about my morning (daily) routine. Do you have one of those?

After thinking long and hard about (my) consistency, I do actually have a regime, however I am not a stickler for habitual behaviours, at set times.

As an exercise, I googled ‘morning routine’. Most of the images (searchable) were geared at young children, to remind them of their daily tasks/chores, before school.

Therefore, a ‘morning routine’ is (possibly) drummed into us, from pre-school times subconsciously.


The only thing in my morning that is constant: coffee!

How about you?

Do You Think About #poverty?

A couple of days ago, I donated two bags of groceries to Auckland City Mission.

The very next day I saw an article in the newspaper stating that the food queues outside the Mission were huge and unexpected, as there is still (just under) two weeks to go before #Christmas.

Apparently 250 people are being given food parcels per day.

How does that make you feel?

The thing that gets me the most is child #poverty. Right here in New Zealand, 1 out of 4 children go without their basic needs: staggering.

#poverty is everywhere, maybe next door to you, or down the street.

Just give a little this #Christmas if you can, you’ll be richer for it! #altruism


Children’s Drawings : Simplicity Is Bliss

House drawing

When you were young – Do you remember drawing a house, with a (yellow) sun in the corner, a roof with tiles, and a chimney? Maybe flowers in the garden, a path, birds in the (blue) sky and green (luscious) grass.

Sometimes, you may have drawn stick people – in the picture – with ‘scarecrow-like’ hair, and hands.

Did you use lots of vibrant (rainbow) colours, to awaken your imagination?

Children teach us to ‘keep it real’ with their art.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

When You Were Young

Don’t you love going to children’s birthday party’s? All the screaming, excitement, sugar-induced play, presents and cake. The birthday cake is definitely a highlight – most of the time. The smell of ‘sweet and savoury’ air from all the sausage rolls, french fries, lollies, cheerios and flavoured drink. The birthday boy sits on a throne, whilst eating on a pedestal, and opening his presents. The King of the moment. Lego galore. Memorabilia to take home in loot bags – more treats. The party is lavish and special, he is starting school on Monday. A new chapter begins: touch-screen learning, feed and read, playtime and spelling tests. Without a doubt, the school years are memorable and life-changing. Enjoy.

What is your fondest memory from year 1? Playing kiss-and-catch? Attending swimming lessons? Reading books? Meeting new friends? Or, all the birthday party invitations? Wins by a (country) mile.


Presently, I am surrounded by several pregnant friends, who are all due to give birth in the next 1-4 weeks. Exciting times for these women, who are about to experience, a permanent and deliberate change in their lives. It is indeed a privilege to be a parent. Children teach us to be selfless, in my opinion. They constantly need emotional, physical and financial support to grow. Each birthday brings new challenges, and special memories, from toddler, to school, through to teen, then adult. Hormonal, environmental, genetic and organic change are all apart, of the tapestry of infancy. Unconditional love, to the hilt, I think.


Who do you support? Recently, I attended a charity event that was rather special. The focus was to raise money for our children’s hospital care (both inpatient and outpatient). They are the future, after all. Hearing a life-changing story about a near death experience, with an infant swallowing poison, highlights how life can change instantaneously. The gift of giving is pure benevolence, to promote the well-being of our youth. All guests donated generously through silent and live auctions. There was laughter, live entertainment, fortune telling, wishing trees and a photo booth, to capture that ‘unique’ moment. It was exhilarating to be apart of something, that is saving and promoting the health of young people. How do you make a difference?


The art of communication is essential for survival, in everything you do, whether it be general conversation, public speaking, social media, pitching for business and/or building new relationships with a client, or maybe connecting with other actors, in the rehearsal room. That is why teaching drama to children is so rewarding, the ‘grassroots’ of effective communication, that establishes confidence, basic life skills through the platform of role-play and improvisation, organs of articulation and most importantly, listening skills. Children all vary in their abilities, however, small steps bring great results, from not speaking a word in a few months to reciting work (poetry) to an audience. Communication makes a difference, reading the newspaper, watching real-time television or attending a networking meeting, influences and redefines your perception. Constantly. We are what we communicate.