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‘Instagram’ Turns 3 Years!


I really really love Instagram, who doesn’t ?

This is (one of) my favourite picture/s which I took in Wellington: mannequin arms – random art:)

What a great platform to share what we see and experience!

Ohtel Is Heavenly


Isn’t it great when you treat yourself to a weekend away – staying in a (top-notch) boutique hotel with gastronomic experiences’ aplenty, and the city is brimming with culture?

Expectation was naturally high – for the weekend ahead.

When arriving at ‘Ohtel’, there was a rather unfriendly receptionist who greeted us, so trying to extract information about the local (hip) restaurants, was hard work. Why?

Just as well, the experience of staying in the ‘mid-century’ influenced room paid dividends. Cool artwork, great interiors and good coffee on tap.

Just a stone throw away from the art galleries, made me squirm with excitement. Especially Andy Warhol.

Good times.