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Theatre review: ‘Gorge’ by Virginia Frankovich & Phoebe Mason


Walking into a ‘fairyland’ of gluttony made me reminisce my childhood birthday parties. A space over-flowing with green jelly, decadent cupcakes, salty popcorn, chelsea buns, chocolate cornflake slice, iced-pink biscuits & sugar aplenty – a feast for queens and the audience, of course. I did not see the first season of ‘Gorge’ that showcased at Auckland Fringe Festival in March 2013 – however it was worth the wait. ‘Gorge’ is storytelling at its finest – about gluttony. Virginia Frankovich and Phoebe Mason were majestically outstanding as they played different characters, engaged with the audience, stimulated our imagination and questioned our relationship with sugar. Apparently ‘we are what we eat’. I love sugar – don’t you? Give me some tiramisu any day.  I applaud the ‘Gorge’ girls. See you again in 2016.


The ‘Motherlock’ Controversy

Three actors, three cities, four seasons, and one VIP over two years (September 2010- September 2012). ‘Motherlock’ is a journey of (four) pregnancies over a fourteen year period, exploring the challenges women face, when becoming a ‘mother’. I have thoroughly enjoyed working (as both playwright/director) with Virginia Frankovich, Narelle Ahrens and Tara O’Brien, who have all added a different dimension to ‘Motherlock’. The set is minimal, based in a bedroom, with some favourite books by George Orwell and Stephen Fry, along with photos and letters. The key props are the chair and mirror, which is where the storytelling happens. Monologue is brilliant when it works, through pace, colour and content. Hopefully I achieved this, some reviewers think so. No matter, I believe in my work. ‘Motherlock’ will soon be adapted to a short film, eventuating in 2013. Keep you posted.