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Social Media Bullying


Last night I attended #smcakl (Social Media Club, Auckland) event to hear a panel discuss “Is Social Media Anti-Social?”

What do you think?

There was a lot of talk about Charlotte Dawson’s passing and her experience with cyber bullying, on the Twitter platform.

Question: When you become famous or successful, do you somehow get more haters?

I think so, unfortunately. The forum talked about (personally) moderating your content, brand management, the pitfalls of social media and the accessibility of voice, to all.

Some people choose to reveal everything they do via social: take pictures on Instagram, microblog on Twitter, post updates on Facebook and film on SnapChat.

Where does it all stop?

Having a digital footprint is essential in today’s world, however you need to manage the content, how you communicate to followers and most importantly, don’t take the feedback too harshly. Human beings sometimes speak with no filters, is that okay?

In conclusion: social media is modern communication in the online world. Just don’t forget about the offline relationships and networking events, that keep us real.

Got #Jelly App Yet?


This engaging platform/app called “Jelly” is a new way to search and seek information, through the knowledge of others, by connecting with your (social) networks: Facebook and Twitter.

Biz Stone (Twitter Cofounder) and Ben Finkel would like to “make the world a more empathetic place” to live.

After downloading the app, you take a photo of something and send your question out to your network, simply asking your friends and followers what/where/who it is.


Hot or not?

Are You A Morning Person?


Recently, I was interviewed (via twitter) about my morning (daily) routine. Do you have one of those?

After thinking long and hard about (my) consistency, I do actually have a regime, however I am not a stickler for habitual behaviours, at set times.

As an exercise, I googled ‘morning routine’. Most of the images (searchable) were geared at young children, to remind them of their daily tasks/chores, before school.

Therefore, a ‘morning routine’ is (possibly) drummed into us, from pre-school times subconsciously.


The only thing in my morning that is constant: coffee!

How about you?

Nocializing: Are You Guilty?

Has anyone said to you, “Can you please put your phone down, I want to talk to you?” The answer is yes – right?

Over the last 2 years, social media has taken over my life, in many ways. For instance, I always check my phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night, are you the same?

‘Nocializing’ is defined as “The act of being out in a social public setting (i.e. Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Coffee shop) and only spending time on your mobile device; not the people with or around you.” – Urban Dictionary.

Now I know (the name of) my guilty pleasure.

Just recently, my mother became extremely irate – due to the fact that I was uploading too many pictures onto Instagram, in her company.

I stopped nocializing, then.

Constantly I am reading content, tweeting, yelping, vining and blogging, without a blink of an eyelid.

Are you nocializing too?

Has social media changed your life?

Facebook just celebrated 9 years in social media, last month. Twitter and Pinterest also commemorated their birthdays’ in March, Twitter turned 7 and Pinterest just turned 3. They are all different platforms that communicate something unique to the world: through photos, branding, ideas, footage and breaking news, which has changed the way we share information. A few friends of mine have called my smartphone, my boyfriend. This mobile device that travels everywhere in my handbag, connecting me to Mashable, Hootsuite and Stephen Fry, 24 hours a day. I used to pin: scrap-booking on Pinterest is time consuming, however worth persevering to endorse your personality, through your interests and ideas. So do you spend too much time tweeting, cyber chatting and pinning? Twitter has become one of my limbs, indispensable to my daily life. Micro-blogging is an acceptable addiction in my book, where I have found work, friends, products, brands and information that has enhanced my existence. Thanks Jack Dorsey and Dick Costolo for making this possible. If you prefer a more uncluttered social media platform, I recommend you try, Path. This micro-social network only allows you to have 150 friends, founded by an ex-Facebook employee. Epic.

Pheed me

The latest social media IPhone app on the block is Pheed. Have you uploaded yet? Well I have, it’s quite something how you can share photos, texts, videos, voice notes, audio and live broadcasts, a brilliant mash-up. Express yourself, in uber amounts. Pheed is now the top social app ranked in the Apple Store, according to Forbes. Roll over Instagram, that is now owned by Facebook. The popularity exceeded expectation when a teenager called Acacia Brinley tweeted ‘@Pheed sickest app’ which created the next best thing (hype) for teens, overnight. They all opened Pheed channels within record time. Now over 1 million users, in just a few months, insanely amazing. The other thing that is good to know, is all the content you create, is yours alone. Sold to the girl who likes to express herself.

Got Vine?

‘Vinepeek’ site taps Twitter’s Vine to put humanity on parade

Have you discovered Twitter’s new app called Vine? This 6-second video platform is hot. After recording the footage (by holding your finger down on the screen), you can upload onto Twitter or Vine, not Facebook. Apparently, Facebook have recently blocked the (Vine) app to find friends or upload your recording. Sad. Not very social network friendly, really? I love everything social media related, especially Twitter. Vine is only available on Iphone or Ipod apps, not Ipad yet. Some brands have already uploaded their Vine footage, including ‘Urban Outfitters’, ‘Gap’, ‘PBS’ and ‘Red Vines’. What does this mean for YouTube? Will Facebook launch something better? Revolutionary or not?