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Paying Tribute to Dave McArtney

I only met Dave McArtney once last year, during a theatre production I was directing, in Auckland. His daughter, Moana was one of the characters (Tomasina) in the play, ‘pURe’. Dave sat in the front row, and watched his daughter perform, with pride. He was friendly, down-to-earth and gregarious. Well known for his musical abilities (on guitar/vocals), he was the founder, of the band ‘Hello Sailor’ in 1975, then ‘Dave McArtney and The Pink Flamingos’ formed in 1980.

He was a distinguished songwriter and musician, in his own right.

‘Gutter Black’, written and sung by Dave McArtney, is the theme song for ‘Outrageous Fortune’ (NZ comedy-drama television series) which broadcast from July 2005 – November 2010.

Dave contributed 38 years (of his life) to the music industry. He was 62- a father, husband, friend, icon, musician, songwriter, all-round ‘good guy’. Great smile, too.


One of my favourite photographers of all time, is Helmut Newton. I (lucidly) remember picking up a newspaper 9 years ago, to read, that he had been killed in a car accident. His cadillac sped out of control and crashed into a wall, in Los Angeles. He was 83, died on January 23, 2004. His black-and-white (risque) images were known throughout the world, appearing in the tabloids and fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Elle. He pushed the boundaries with gender, fashion and art. His most famous photo, the ‘Self Portrait with Wife & Models, 1981’ was valued upto (US)$140,000 apparently auctioned last year at Christie’s London. I can only afford his collections, in books.