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‘Instagram’ Turns 3 Years!


I really really love Instagram, who doesn’t ?

This is (one of) my favourite picture/s which I took in Wellington: mannequin arms – random art:)

What a great platform to share what we see and experience!

Nocializing: Are You Guilty?

Has anyone said to you, “Can you please put your phone down, I want to talk to you?” The answer is yes – right?

Over the last 2 years, social media has taken over my life, in many ways. For instance, I always check my phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night, are you the same?

‘Nocializing’ is defined as “The act of being out in a social public setting (i.e. Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Coffee shop) and only spending time on your mobile device; not the people with or around you.” – Urban Dictionary.

Now I know (the name of) my guilty pleasure.

Just recently, my mother became extremely irate – due to the fact that I was uploading too many pictures onto Instagram, in her company.

I stopped nocializing, then.

Constantly I am reading content, tweeting, yelping, vining and blogging, without a blink of an eyelid.

Are you nocializing too?


Waiting for a friend to arrive. Plane is late. My parking ticket will be a joy to pay, at double the time, initially anticipated. Some people look anxious, others excited and the rest, exhausted. I think travel is an asset to the mind, learning about different cultures, hearing foreign languages, and (hopefully) experiencing overwhelming situations, that will change or challenge your perception. Have you ever fallen in love with a city or place? Maybe you only went there once. Some of my best friends today (10-20yrs later) I met in queues and restaurants in various countries. Still waiting. Patience is underrated.


The prospect of getting on a plane and going some place else, fills me with anticipation, without the humdrum. Dealing with people constantly bashing your seat, as they go to the amenities, small children crying due to earache and regular turbulence, only adds to the experience of air travel. Seriously, I endure it, just to taste different (gastronomic) cuisine, speak another language, or maybe ride a bicycle? Living out of your comfort zone is something important to me and maybe to you also, for growth and inspiration. Travel changes perception and outlook, so going to the ‘Eiffel Tower’, ‘Taj Mahal’ or the ‘Giza Pyramid’ is guaranteed to be mind altering, that’s a given. Once you catch the travel-bug, it never leaves you alone. That’s a good thing. Marrakech is next on my hotlist!