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Presently, I am reading this brilliant book called ‘Brandwashed’ by Martin Lindstrom, which was released last year. The Foreward in the book is by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) who encouraged me, to watch his film, that I had not seen yet. ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ is genius. A documentary film about product placement, marketing and advertising which was reportedly itself financed through the ‘actual’ products in the film, namely POM (pomegranate juice), jetBlue Airways, Hyatt, Amy’s Frozen Pizza, Mini, Ban Deodorant and a few others, around 22 in total to make this (USD) 1.5 million dollar film. Visability is credibility, after all. Morgan’s wish is to educate the consumer about the psychology of marketing, through the brands, that accept the challenge to be transparent, which really appeals to me. We live in a world of information and everyone chooses a different brand personality. Yeah. Have you ever tried to brand detox? Difficult. Or not?