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YOU – theatre review (Lady Gaga gone wrong)


My Expectation was high as I drove to Onehunga to attend ‘You’, the Gaga extravaganza! I am a big Lady Gaga fan so was excited to see what APAC (Adam Performing Arts Company) had to offer. The programme states that ‘the piece is a gargantuan accolade of music, love and humanity on the fringe of homespun entertainment.’ Wow – can’t wait!

Pearce St Hall is a community space, that houses a catwalk with seating around the stage for this performance. The curtain opens to a city landscape, the music is loud with a silhouette of Lady Gaga on the back wall with no performers. Next up is six dancers huddled together, who break into dance with the pop track ‘Just Dance’. Adam Procter leads the ensemble, with 4-5 backup dancers wearing short denim cut-offs, black singlet and a blue shirt tied midriff.

Darling, Today We’re Going To Die – theatre review

Darling Today We’re Going To Die

Alleluya Bar & Cafe is an alternative space for performance, the backdrop is ceiling to floor windows, the audience are seated on an eclectic array of chairs. The set for Darling, Today We’re Going To Die is simple, depicting a typical student flat: rundown lounge to the left, dining room in the centre and kitchen to the right.

I note the play’s characters are Tiffany, George, Cameron, Anthony (not Samir per Auckland Fringe Programme) and Margo.

Anthony (Toby Goode) walks into the kitchen, commanding a British accent with a warm and comical disposition. He talks about his job, cooking for the flat, Wednesday being is a notable day for flat meetings and collaborative dinners, all five flat mates must attend.

THE BITCHES’ BOX – theatre review

After touring Nationwide, The Bitches’ Box now graces the Auckland stage to reveal the multiple layers and the inner psyches of ‘man’s best friend’.

Walking into the intimate space of the loft theatre at Q, we hear farm animal sounds (baas and moos) and a farmer whistling as he goes about his duties.

The set is minimal with two makeshift kennels and a red curtain backdrop. This show has been performed in many wool sheds up and down the North and South Islands, so I assume they just use the resources they have, with basic props.

In walk Emma Newborn and Amelia Guild who gallivant as the two bitches on heat, Red and Twink respectively. Red is mature and experienced with ‘knotting’, which means having sex in dog language. Twink is virginal and innocent, so listens intently to the wise words of Red, who also throws in a few facts like how many times dogs are mentioned in the bible, the sleeping habits of puppies and – something I didn’t know, until now – the colour of Dalmation puppies at birth…

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TALK – film review

I have never been to The Pioneer Women’s Hall before, so I was looking forward to checking out the space and watching the screening of this ‘portmanteau’ film by a collection of young film makers, headed up by duo Christopher Stratton and Ruby Reihana-Wilson.

After a lengthy wait (some 45 minutes) due to technical issues, with the 10-11 short films having not finished rendering, the screening commenced…

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