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Would You Sleep Rough For Charity?

Lifewise 2013 Big Sleepout

Homelessness is an epidemic.

I drive past the Auckland City Mission daily, to witness many people sitting outside – waiting to get a bed for the night – or desperate for something to eat.

Most of us have either experienced hard times, with no or little money to get by, however we normally have a sibling, parent, friend or colleague that can help us out.

In Auckland, on the 4th July, a bunch of well-known people (celebrities or influential-types) are ‘sleeping rough’ voluntarily, to get a taste of what it can be like: raise awareness and also fundraise some dosh in the process.

Cold nights, cardboard mattresses, threadbare blankets and everything you own, huddled close.

Do you think about homelessness? Volunteer for a soup kitchen? Sell the Big Issue?