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Has Technology Gone Too Far?


When I heard about the “True Love Bra”, I was naturally intrigued to see how technology can determine if a woman has fallen in love?

Designed in Japan by lingerie company “Ravijour”, to safeguard the wearer from unwanted admirers. The bra has an electronic clasp that releases (only) when the heartbeat rises. A sensor then alerts an app via Bluetooth for analysis, which “calculates the True Love Rate on changes in the heart rate over time.”

There is a lot of discussion surrounding the wearability of the bra. What happens if you want to take it off and you are locked into the chastity-like bra? Or vice versa?

Food for thought.

Not available for sale as yet!

Nocializing: Are You Guilty?

Has anyone said to you, “Can you please put your phone down, I want to talk to you?” The answer is yes – right?

Over the last 2 years, social media has taken over my life, in many ways. For instance, I always check my phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night, are you the same?

‘Nocializing’ is defined as “The act of being out in a social public setting (i.e. Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Coffee shop) and only spending time on your mobile device; not the people with or around you.” – Urban Dictionary.

Now I know (the name of) my guilty pleasure.

Just recently, my mother became extremely irate – due to the fact that I was uploading too many pictures onto Instagram, in her company.

I stopped nocializing, then.

Constantly I am reading content, tweeting, yelping, vining and blogging, without a blink of an eyelid.

Are you nocializing too?


Do you own an Apple product? If you don’t have one, guarantee you have thought about buying one. Steve Jobs really did change the world. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21, was also the beginning of something phenomenal, for him and everyone else. From the innovative (designed solely by Steve Wozniak) Apple I computer in 1976 to the iPad 4, and iPhone 5 today, technology is at the forefront of everything we do. What a life, that ended to early, aged 56. This man never abandoned his vision, often labelled as the “Father of the Digital Revolution”. We can all learn from him. Genius.