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Adore Japan

Gold mine. Yoko Ono looks incredible for 79 years young. I remember going to a gallery of her work in Prague, in 2003, when I saw the ‘Wish Tree’ outside the space. You make a wish, write it down on a piece of paper, fold it and tie this around a branch of the tree, until all the wishes inundate the tree – majestic. I wear Shu Uemura makeup who produce quality foundation, skincare and pigment that translates identical colour from palate to skin, amazing. Artist Yayoi Kusama is the latest collaborator for Louis Vuitton, everything is polka dot influenced, from silk tunics to patent leather bangles. Stunning. Kutsuwa is now the latest craze for children, (eraser making kits) DIY sets for making inedible sushi, ice-cream, cake, hamburgers and more. Next week, I am going to a Japanese themed party, can’t wait!