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Do You Have A Reputation?

When did you last ‘google’ yourself?

Everyone now has a digital footprint: available online, within hours of posting images (Instagram, Pictorious, Snapchat) microblogging (Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk, Flipter) or publishing articles, reviews and/or opinion (blogs namely Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger or WordPress).

Most people (employers, contacts, prospects) now will check you out – before they interview or meet you – to ensure your online persona, lives up to their expectation.

Your digital footprint can make you shine or (potentially) damage your personal brand, if there are inappropriate images or comments that are untoward.

Some of the best search engines: Google, Bing, Dogpile, Yahoo, Yippy, Ask, DuckDuckGo will find you in a heartbeat.

So remember before you press ‘publish’, ‘tweet’ or ‘post’ (maybe) think twice.

Is the ‘customer experience’ dead?

After going to the nail bar, post office, a local cafe, and the recycle boutique today – it got me thinking – does ‘customer service’ actually exist, anymore? I really do enjoy human interaction, to purchase products, by way of retail therapy. Or to walk away from a shop, feeling or thinking, that I will go back, again. In this instance, I only enjoyed 2 interactions: the barista who was friendly, engaging and very personable, referring to me by name. The post office staff were happy, inquisitive and responsive. Next up, the nail bar failed in every which way, to (even) satisfy the basic need of a simple greeting. No conversation, no engagement, no ‘customer experience’. Would I go back? Only on cost. Lastly, the recycle boutique’s staff were rude, and never maintained eye contact. Great ‘customer experience’? Retail shopping is in rapid decline, due to online shopping: convenient and hassle-free. Do you suffer the same peeve or high, when you shop?