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Street art in Melbourne is impressive, which leaves an imprint firmly in my mind. After watching ‘RASH’, a feature documentary film about graffiti artists in Melbourne a few weeks ago, I was intrigued to see the work/s for myself. Lots of stencils and paste ups (urban poster art) all over the city. Lots of different styles of ‘street art’ displayed, these ‘illegal’ public artworks, bring the buildings to life. Art for the people. All the artists have pseudonyms, that come from nicknames, TV shows, comics or an idea. This platform creates a complete different reality, true fantasy. Images on walls. Ghosts or shadows in society that scream truth and beauty. Tags are not so alluring. Do we live in a robotic world? Paint. Chalk. Crayons. Whatever works. Confronting art, that speaks volumes to the community and/or society. Change. Like it, a lot.