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How Far Would You Go?

Just a normal day, working in an American burger bar suddenly turns awry. ‘Compliance’ is a film based on true events, about an employee who is targeted for (supposedly) stealing money from a customer, by a fake police officer. The prank call – goes from an accusation – handled by a female (gullible) manager to a rape. Hold onto to your seats. Firstly, the fake cop on the other end of the phone, instructs the manager to strip-search her employee for hidden money (that never existed). Then more colleagues are pulled into the interrogation, to guard the offender: one man is asked to slap the teenager’s naked bottom, for her being disobedient. Wow. Can this really happen, in real life?

Yes, is the answer. It happens a lot, more than I ever imagined – all over the world. Interesting drama on what can happen, if we trust too much. Do you always believe, who you are talking to, as gospel?