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Do you suffer from commitment phobia? Or have a friend, that you like more than you should? I think everyone, ideally, wants to be in a relationship, right? Having someone that you trust and adore, by your side. When you don’t have that person in your immediate life, you want it. Then after a few years, the relationship can sometimes stifle your independence, sound familiar? Relationships are high maintenance, you need to make an effort, otherwise they disintegrate, without warning. ‘Phobia’ (a play I wrote with David Allnutt) is about platonic love. Can you have your cake, and eat it too?

charlatan clinic

charlatan clinic was officially launched in May, 2011. The idea started in London in 2003, fascinated with costume and makeup that dictated identity. Travelled to Europe. Berlin was liberating. Drag queens aplenty. Went to a few shows, however all the artists preferred to do their own makeup. So I decided to commission a London costume designer to sketch some drawings, about 10 designs. That was the start of no return. Working creatively as a makeup artist, specialising in the catwalk and carnival. Designing faces, hundreds of shows and photoshoots later, writing became a focus. I love everything art. Regularly go to galleries, theatre, bookshops, travel, chat to strangers. So far, charlatan clinic have produced work into Australia and NZ, next year, bigger fish to fry. I have also discovered my love for film, so I am presently adapting scripts and writing new ones for screen. Looking at product lines for charlatan clinic too. Exciting, always.

“I think there is no world without theatre.” – Edward Bond

Ditto Edward. Motherlock. Phobia. Pause. Pie. pURe. There is alot of storytelling yet to do 🙂

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