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Do You Think About #poverty?

A couple of days ago, I donated two bags of groceries to Auckland City Mission.

The very next day I saw an article in the newspaper stating that the food queues outside the Mission were huge and unexpected, as there is still (just under) two weeks to go before #Christmas.

Apparently 250 people are being given food parcels per day.

How does that make you feel?

The thing that gets me the most is child #poverty. Right here in New Zealand, 1 out of 4 children go without their basic needs: staggering.

#poverty is everywhere, maybe next door to you, or down the street.

Just give a little this #Christmas if you can, you’ll be richer for it! #altruism


Yelp: Are You Checking In?


Last night I attended the first ‘Yelp’ Elite event in Auckland, along with 50 other yelpers that regularly review, check-in and tip about restaurants, cafes, bars and other cool, or not so cool places, to acquaint.

The difference with ‘Yelp’ is that it is a consumer-driven experience, so you are getting ‘real time’ reviews about people’s experience.

Mexico restaurant hosted the event, facilitating a ‘Margarita Masterclass’ which proved entertaining and interactive, to my betterment.

Yelp is a social media platform available on app or desktop, for you to voice your (personal) feedback – on all the places you visit, in 22 countries, to date.

It’s super cool.



“We don’t need anyone else to criticise us. We have so many superhuman expectations of ourselves that the expectations of others pale into insignificance. We really believe that we should be able to handle everything. We really believe we should know everything. We really believe that we should be on top of everything. When we are caught unprepared, instead of just admitting it, we either get defensive or feel guilty. It rarely occurs to us just to admit we are unprepared. We feel we should always be prepared for anything.” – Brenda Ueland

Does this sound familiar?

I Am, Who Are You?

“Let me look sometimes for the goodness in me, and judge me not”. – Arthur Miller

No matter how many times you tell yourself, to not judge a ‘book by it’s cover’, we still do. When you walk down the street, and you see the homeless person on the pavement, with their signage ‘Help me, I need a bed for the night.’ Does your heart bleed, or are you sceptical, that it’s a con?

When I get dressed everyday – I do it for me. Wear what I want. Do you do that? Or are you worried about how the world perceives you?

Just the other day I was watching a program, on how employers discriminate people, for having front teeth missing. If you are client-facing, there is an expectation to always look presentable and well groomed with no warts, no yellow teeth and no missing limbs.

Sometimes it is difficult to be human – that is why you (should) never judge yourself.

Amour: What is Love?

Amour film still

After watching this brilliant masterpiece, (film) called ‘Amour’ I had a lot of questions.

When you love a person, for a (long) duration, say 60 years, how is the relationship affected when one party becomes disabled, demented, or institutionalised (for medical reasons)?

Do you continue to love that person – the same way? Or is it too emotional, to see your partner unravel into something unrecognisable?

‘Amour’ is about a French couple called Georges and Anne, who are retired music teachers, both in their eighties. They knew each other inside out, and exposed their vulnerabilities, until suddenly everything changed.

Georges goes through his own journey, about whether he can live with this woman anymore, who he fails to know.

Love is also a great journey of discovery, of uniqueness and growth, and pain.

If you only love once in your life – you are privileged.

Are You An Innovator?

NZ Innovators Awards 2013

What do you do – to make something happen? Are you one of those people, that think about (untapped ideas) for ages, and maybe discuss it with your friends, then never execute the (great) idea?

Or are you the risk taker – the go-getter?

I prefer the latter.

Even with all platforms of social media – we still need human contact – to grow and share information. I speak with my friend (regularly) about my internal thoughts, and whether they make sense on paper. Nonetheless – if I like it enough – I will bring it to life, no matter what.

Innovation helps shape who we are.

Do you invent or create?

Are You Good At Remembering Names?


We all have busy lives, and meet a lot of people over the course of time. I have always wondered why I sometimes completely forget someone’s name, when I have (only) just met them? Do you experience this conundrum?

Apparently, scientists have revealed that ‘the brain has a restricted capacity to learn things and preventing some memory formation would be a way to avoid overload.’

At least I know now – that this is universal.

Sometimes I can have a lot happening in my mind, can be introduced to many people, and only remember a couple of names from a group. I find if I repeat their name, more than once, it is locked into my recall, instantly.

Remember when you ran into that person the other day (only met them last week) and you go blank? What do you say? Awkward right? Yes. Absolutely.

Do you use name association? Name rhyming? Or something else?