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Has social media changed your life?

Facebook just celebrated 9 years in social media, last month. Twitter and Pinterest also commemorated their birthdays’ in March, Twitter turned 7 and Pinterest just turned 3. They are all different platforms that communicate something unique to the world: through photos, branding, ideas, footage and breaking news, which has changed the way we share information. A few friends of mine have called my smartphone, my boyfriend. This mobile device that travels everywhere in my handbag, connecting me to Mashable, Hootsuite and Stephen Fry, 24 hours a day. I used to pin: scrap-booking on Pinterest is time consuming, however worth persevering to endorse your personality, through your interests and ideas. So do you spend too much time tweeting, cyber chatting and pinning? Twitter has become one of my limbs, indispensable to my daily life. Micro-blogging is an acceptable addiction in my book, where I have found work, friends, products, brands and information that has enhanced my existence. Thanks Jack Dorsey and Dick Costolo for making this possible. If you prefer a more uncluttered social media platform, I recommend you try, Path. This micro-social network only allows you to have 150 friends, founded by an ex-Facebook employee. Epic.