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Philip Seymour Hoffman, 1967-2014

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Philip Seymour Hoffman, 1967-2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the most talented stage and screen actors of his generation, was found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment today, at the age of 46.

Update: The lights of Broadway will dim at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday, January 5th in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Labyrinth Theater will hold a community prayer and candlelight vigil Wednesday, February 5th at 6:30pm in the courtyard of the Bank Street Theater (located at 155 Bank Street). The prayer will be lead by Labyrinth Company member Fr. Jim Martin.
The cause of death is apparently a drug overdose: The Daily News reports that “Hoffman was found alone with a needle in his arm in the bathroom of his apartment.”
Although known nationally as a movie actor — he won an Oscar for his starring role in “Capote” in 2005 — he was active in New York theater. He appeared on…

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Nelson Mandela, July 18, 1918 to December 5, 2013: “one of the outstanding human victories of our century.”

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“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela, who led the emancipation of South Africa from white minority rule and served as his country’s first black president, becoming an international emblem of dignity and forbearance, died Thursday. He was 95. …..

Mr. Mandela’s quest for freedom took him from the court of tribal royalty to the liberation underground to a prison rock quarry to the presidential suite of Africa’s richest country. And then, when his first term of office was up, unlike so many of the successful revolutionaries he regarded as kindred spirits, he declined a second term and cheerfully handed over power to an elected successor, the country still gnawed by crime, poverty, corruption and disease but a democracy, respected in the world and remarkably at peace.

The question most often asked about Mr. Mandela was how, after whites had systematically humiliated his people, tortured and murdered many…

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What is a dramaturg?

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A dramaturg is a murderer in “Icarus,” the episode of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” in which everybody thinks Cynthia Nixon playing a Julie Taymor-like figure was the perpetrator.  A dramaturg is a handsome man who lives in a very expensive New York apartment but who hurts the now-scarfless Debra Messing’s feelings in “The Dramaturg,” the latest episode of “Smash.” “Dramaturgs are like dentists,” he tells her.  “No one wants to see them but you’re glad you went once the pain wears off.”

But what is a dramaturg on stage rather than on the small screen? Script-doctor (rather than script dentist), program-writer, literary manager, historical consultant, mediator, play developer…in other words, it depends.

In Dramaturgy 101 in the Educational Theatre Association, Amy Steele writes:

Some dramaturgs say they are literary and historical consultants who work with directors, designers, and actors to make an artistic vision a reality. Others reply that…

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10,000 followers on Twitter, how did I do it?

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Yes, Charlie Sheen got more followers in a day than I did in three years. Ok, I had to write almost three Tweets for each of my Twitter followers – more words than are in the Bible, twice as many as in the first Harry Potter book, though I’ve become neither revered nor rich. But when earlier this week, I reached 10,000 followers on my Twitter feed @NewYorkTheater, I congratulated myself. Self-congratulations is of course epidemic on social media, so let me try to turn this into a lesson:

10 Ways to Build A Following On Twitter.

1. Find a niche and plug into a community

I decided to make my Twitter feed about a subject – New York…

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