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Mongrel Mob Exhibition Hits Auckland

Mongrel Mob framed – in a new exhibition

After reading the NZ Herald, about the upcoming art exhibition at ‘Gow Langsford Gallery’ featuring 8 Mongrel Mob members (taken by NZ photographer Jono Rotman over a period of 7 years) – I was naturally intrigued.

All the photographs were taken with available light, and each subject displays elements of melancholy and undeniable respect between both parties.

I was mesmerised by the eight portraits: Bill Irwin Rogue, Shano Rogue, Bung Notorious, Willy Clark, Breeze Notorious, Zap Notorious, Denimz Rogue and Greeko Notorious which filled the room with their depth of character, and provoked controversy in the same breath.

Personally, I appreciate the art – that tells individual stories about their chapters and life. Their tattoos, clothing and face speak volumes about who they are.

This exhibition is authentic ‘portraiture’ of the Mongrel Mob community.
You should go and experience the exhibition for yourself; if in Auckland.

It’s human.