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Casting (performing arts)

Just about to commence the audition process (as director) for a play by Alex Broun, who introduced Short + Sweet into Auckland, New Zealand in 2009/10. I was fortunate enough to be a finalist/winner in the ‘Wildcards 2’ category in this festival in 2010, with a play called ‘Tipping Point’ by Mark Andrew. Alex is one of the world’s leading ten-minute playwrights, so I am honoured to be opening the ‘world’ premiere of his new play. Rehearsing and performing in another city, namely Melbourne, is exhilarating. PlaySix has a high profile in the Melbourne theatre community, so looking forward to being cohesive in this process. There are six plays, that are performing in the festival, and there appears to be a few female directors, fantastic! Theatre makes me smile, effortlessly.

Directing into Melbourne

Do I fancy directing a play into Melbourne soon? Before Christmas 2012? Well yes:) Written by Alex Broun, award-winning Australian playwright/screenwriter, great! So far, I have 9 theatre directing credits to my name including Motherlock 2010/11, Tipping Point by Mark Andrew (Also Australian playwright), SkinTight by Gary Henderson, The Artefact Project 2011/12 and my latest work for charlatan clinic, performed in September 2012, Motherlock/pURe double-bill. All of the aforementioned productions have eventuated in the last 2.9 years. I have seen about 75 plays this year, try to attend around 100 plays a year, some in Auckland and others through NZ and offshore. Have a few dates booked with the theatre in the next 10 days so will share my experiences with you soon!

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