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Attended a great play tonight about a man who had an imaginary friend, who happened to be female, a younger version of his wife. He was collaborating with this invisible woman to write a book, initially to the surprise of his spouse, so she suggested therapy to resolve these issues. Was he committing a wrong, by entrusting in a woman that he only spoke to, and had a friendship with? There is also the fact, that he would share the creative process of writing with her, and not his wife, who loved him unconditionally. Then the tables turned, and the wife could then see the imaginary and/or invisible woman too, they then built a sisterhood, that over rode the relationship with the husband, so then she (imaginary person) disappeared, or had an accident, maybe? I had a few invisible friends when I was younger. This creates a world outside reality, that is magical and safe. Imagination has no prejudice.