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What’s it like to be a lefty?

Did you know (apparently) up to 10% of people on earth, are left-handed? I never really thought about this dilemma: ‘lefty’ people experience a multitude of challenges, daily. One of my friends’ enlightened me on some of the alarming issues. She still has trouble driving a manual car (as there are 3 pedals), and always used to put her foot on the brake, instead of the accelerator. She now drives an automatic. When sitting at the table or walking down the road, the left-side dominates, naturally. Dislikes spiral notebooks, unable to use ink pens, making the bed with someone else is problematic, opening cans is impossible, using scissors proves difficult to master, and musical instruments are (definitely) designed for ‘righties’.

Left-handers are notably intelligent and more likely to be geniuses: Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Bill Gates, Aristotle, Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Helen Keller, Gandhi, Mark Twain, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and many more.

You can shop online for your left-handed products – brilliant. Are you a lefty?