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YOU – theatre review (Lady Gaga gone wrong)


My Expectation was high as I drove to Onehunga to attend ‘You’, the Gaga extravaganza! I am a big Lady Gaga fan so was excited to see what APAC (Adam Performing Arts Company) had to offer. The programme states that ‘the piece is a gargantuan accolade of music, love and humanity on the fringe of homespun entertainment.’ Wow – can’t wait!

Pearce St Hall is a community space, that houses a catwalk with seating around the stage for this performance. The curtain opens to a city landscape, the music is loud with a silhouette of Lady Gaga on the back wall with no performers. Next up is six dancers huddled together, who break into dance with the pop track ‘Just Dance’. Adam Procter leads the ensemble, with 4-5 backup dancers wearing short denim cut-offs, black singlet and a blue shirt tied midriff.


Derived from Greek words, which refers to the combination of both masculine and feminine characteristics. Fashion designers play with androgyny on the catwalk and in (editorial) print, especially Vivienne Westwood, Giorgio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Alexander McQueen, blah, you get it. David Bowie, Boy George, Annie Lennox and Prince all challenged the norms of society in the 70’s and pushed the boundaries wearing cross gender wardrobes by the 80’s. Liberating. There is also, a new fashion label called ‘Androgyny’ in San Francisco, that make unique shirts only for women, ‘to inspire personal confidence that fit as true as your own skin.’ There is high demand for this product. Great. Clothing is our identity, our badge, right? In the western world we have the freedom to express ourselves, which is radical. Top model, Stella Tennant gets my vote. Helmut Newton is another favourite, gifted photographer. Androgyny will always be (the new) black.

“In a sense I portray myself in a very androgynous way, and I love androgyny.” – Lady Gaga