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Interview with Y&T: Fashion Designer Yuka O

1. When/why was Y&T founded?

Y&T started with the intention of raising funds for the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Fashion is what I love and know – so naturally this is what I could contribute to make this happen. My husband Tristan and I worked on our first range with all the proceeds going to aid. Yuka&Tristan was founded in 2011, April.

2. Where do you get your inspiration?

Anything that gets me interested at any given time, which then becomes my inspiration/concept to develop the range – architecture, paint, books, design, music etc. Also, I deal with very beautiful fabric – I often get inspired by that too.

3. Have you always loved fashion?

Yes. Always. x

4. What is your go to magazine?

I love Japanese fashion Magazines: Ginza, Fudge Internatinal – The Gentle Woman, Numero, Vogue NZ – Home

5. Have you had any Y&T collections in ‘NZ Fashion Week’ or offshore catwalk? Future plans?

I haven’t thought about doing catwalk into NZ fashion week yet – however I’d definitely love to experience this, if the opportunity arose. I have some exciting news to be revealed soon… (but can’t tell yet) so please stay tuned ! via /yukaandtristan – facebook / @Yuka&Tristan – twitter / #yooksasyuka – instagram

6. Who would you (really) like to wear your brand?

Tilda Swinton

7. Any influences?

Yoji Yamamoto, Kenzo

8. Are you living your ‘dream-job’?

Yes, Although It’s a really tough business – I feel super lucky to do what I love. Big thanks to my husband.

9. When it comes to chocolate -Cadbury or Whittakers?

Whittakers – I choose by label 🙂

10. What makes you smile?

My young children who try to tell me stories about their (daily) adventures, mostly about their school endeavours – those cute explanations are the most gorgeous of things.








Has Technology Gone Too Far?


When I heard about the “True Love Bra”, I was naturally intrigued to see how technology can determine if a woman has fallen in love?

Designed in Japan by lingerie company “Ravijour”, to safeguard the wearer from unwanted admirers. The bra has an electronic clasp that releases (only) when the heartbeat rises. A sensor then alerts an app via Bluetooth for analysis, which “calculates the True Love Rate on changes in the heart rate over time.”

There is a lot of discussion surrounding the wearability of the bra. What happens if you want to take it off and you are locked into the chastity-like bra? Or vice versa?

Food for thought.

Not available for sale as yet!

Ever Tried Sake?

Another entertaining, super ‘Yelp Elite Event’ (in the bag) hosted @ Ponsonby Bistro tonight!:) with the lovely Alex and fellow yelpers.

I must say I am rather a ‘virgin’ when it comes to ‘sake tasting’. What an experience: Lycee Saketini or Japanese Sgroppino anyone?? Can you even say those words out loud? 🙂

I forgot to mention before these tastings, we were lavished with ‘sparkling sake’ that was suitably replenished as you sipped away.

There was scrummy crumbed squid on offer and salmon extravaganza, in one mouthful (literally).

So next up, Melissa (great name, not me) spoke to the Yelp community about the background on sparkling sake, and what was expected for the rest of the evening, five stars for engagement, who was the lovely owner.

Then there was more fun instore!

Adore Japan

Gold mine. Yoko Ono looks incredible for 79 years young. I remember going to a gallery of her work in Prague, in 2003, when I saw the ‘Wish Tree’ outside the space. You make a wish, write it down on a piece of paper, fold it and tie this around a branch of the tree, until all the wishes inundate the tree – majestic. I wear Shu Uemura makeup who produce quality foundation, skincare and pigment that translates identical colour from palate to skin, amazing. Artist Yayoi Kusama is the latest collaborator for Louis Vuitton, everything is polka dot influenced, from silk tunics to patent leather bangles. Stunning. Kutsuwa is now the latest craze for children, (eraser making kits) DIY sets for making inedible sushi, ice-cream, cake, hamburgers and more. Next week, I am going to a Japanese themed party, can’t wait!


Short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which individuals use costume and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. The term ‘cosplay’ originated in Japan, then was reinvented in North America. It continues to grow in popularity through Europe, South America and Australia. I discovered ‘cosplay’ a while ago, so far I have been ‘Uma Thurman’ (Black Mamba) from Kill Bill, a Geisha, Jane Jetson and soon to be another character, for an event in December. Costuming is temporary reinvention, as you can hopefully remove the make-up, wig, way-out clothing, body paint and anything else you choose to wear, that isn’t permanent. Lady Gaga and Madonna are well known for all their dress changes when touring, it could be called, people designing maybe? charlatan clinic regularly work with fashion and/or costume designers for the stage, collaborating on the brief, the outcome is always unexpected and fabulous. Who are you going to be, at your next Christmas party?