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Are You An Innovator?

NZ Innovators Awards 2013

What do you do – to make something happen? Are you one of those people, that think about (untapped ideas) for ages, and maybe discuss it with your friends, then never execute the (great) idea?

Or are you the risk taker – the go-getter?

I prefer the latter.

Even with all platforms of social media – we still need human contact – to grow and share information. I speak with my friend (regularly) about my internal thoughts, and whether they make sense on paper. Nonetheless – if I like it enough – I will bring it to life, no matter what.

Innovation helps shape who we are.

Do you invent or create?

Innovative Marketing in 6 Seconds

To stand out from the crowd today, you need to be innovative. So what can you do, to achieve this? With the launch of Twitter’s platform ‘Vine’, this has introduced a new ‘medium’ that is clever, succinct and engaging footage, that captivates your audience, in just 6 seconds. Recently, ‘Tribeca Film Festival’, invited people to submit entries using Vine (the iPhone app) that creates these remarkable 6-second looping videos. Amazing. However, you need to plan your storytelling effectively, so your short film will reach and maximise your audience, who will keep coming back for more. You can also watch the latest film reviews, in just 6 seconds on sixsecondreviews.com, as everyone is now time deficient, after all. The maximum spoken word when using Vine, is roughly 25 words, but less is more. So when brainstorming your next Vine clip, think about how you want to be perceived: images and text, that represent interesting ideas is what you need, to ultimately provoke and stimulate your audience’s heart. Connect with people.


Do you own an Apple product? If you don’t have one, guarantee you have thought about buying one. Steve Jobs really did change the world. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21, was also the beginning of something phenomenal, for him and everyone else. From the innovative (designed solely by Steve Wozniak) Apple I computer in 1976 to the iPad 4, and iPhone 5 today, technology is at the forefront of everything we do. What a life, that ended to early, aged 56. This man never abandoned his vision, often labelled as the “Father of the Digital Revolution”. We can all learn from him. Genius.