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Dynamo: Do You Believe In Magic?

Londoners Stunned As Magician Walks On Water

I had never heard of this illusionist – called Steven Frayne (aka ‘Dynamo’) until last week. His stunts are the most awe- inspiring (and engaging) experiences: levitating from a Clapham Bus in London, 15 feet above the ground with his right hand perched on top of the bus. He was holding a can of ‘Pepsi Max’, all in the name of advertising? How is this possible? Some say it must have been a prosthetic limb, or there had to be a (concealed) hidden platform. Really? Dynamo performed his magic in broad daylight with people watching, every move.

Then he walked on water – across the Thames – while people stared in utter wonderment, including myself. I got lost in the moment, when illusion becomes reality. We need to keep the magic alive for our children: ‘Father Christmas’ is presently busy making presents, with his elves in the North Pole, and the ‘Tooth Fairy’ visits while you sleep, takes away your tooth, and replaces it with coins, or a note – if you are lucky. Then there is ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Peter Pan’, that awaken your imagination.

Magic is underrated… Don’t you think?