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What is your favourite brand? Maybe Gucci, Fendi, Miu Miu, Nike, Apple, Swatch, Audi or Wagamama?

Whether you are into designer products or high street: brands are in our daily life, right?

When I am shopping in the supermarket, labels and/or packaging on first glance: speak volumes. If I don’t like the design or logo, I won’t buy it. Unless it had been recommended to me, then maybe I might make an exception.

My friend recently asked me to help her with (possible) brand names for her start-up. After two hours of deliberating, I think we have something.


I suppose we are all brands: individually. However when we think Porsche or Giorgio Armani, what comes to mind? Style, chic, sophistication and expensive right?

Lastly, What does your brand smell, taste, sound, feel and look like?

I Am, Who Are You?

“Let me look sometimes for the goodness in me, and judge me not”. – Arthur Miller

No matter how many times you tell yourself, to not judge a ‘book by it’s cover’, we still do. When you walk down the street, and you see the homeless person on the pavement, with their signage ‘Help me, I need a bed for the night.’ Does your heart bleed, or are you sceptical, that it’s a con?

When I get dressed everyday – I do it for me. Wear what I want. Do you do that? Or are you worried about how the world perceives you?

Just the other day I was watching a program, on how employers discriminate people, for having front teeth missing. If you are client-facing, there is an expectation to always look presentable and well groomed with no warts, no yellow teeth and no missing limbs.

Sometimes it is difficult to be human – that is why you (should) never judge yourself.

Forgotten Life

After watching ‘Dreams of a Life’, a documentary about a woman called Joyce Vincent, who died alone: her body lay undiscovered for 3 years, how shocking and extraordinary. How can anyone be forgotten? Apparently, Joyce lived everybody else’s life, except her own.

Fascinating. Sometimes I think it is easier to (maybe) become anonymous and adopt other friends and family. This happens when you are running from your past, (possibly) memories that you’d rather ignore or bury.

Joyce had friends, no family to talk about, some boyfriends – and a lot of sadness. I suppose we all choose to live the life we want, and she decided to fade away, in her thirties.

No one knows how or what happened to her – as her body, was no longer identifiable. Very sad. It makes me realise that sometimes we can forget to communicate with people, when we can (actually) make a difference.

I choose to be remembered.

Do You Have A Reputation?

When did you last ‘google’ yourself?

Everyone now has a digital footprint: available online, within hours of posting images (Instagram, Pictorious, Snapchat) microblogging (Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk, Flipter) or publishing articles, reviews and/or opinion (blogs namely Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger or WordPress).

Most people (employers, contacts, prospects) now will check you out – before they interview or meet you – to ensure your online persona, lives up to their expectation.

Your digital footprint can make you shine or (potentially) damage your personal brand, if there are inappropriate images or comments that are untoward.

Some of the best search engines: Google, Bing, Dogpile, Yahoo, Yippy, Ask, DuckDuckGo will find you in a heartbeat.

So remember before you press ‘publish’, ‘tweet’ or ‘post’ (maybe) think twice.

Do you own your life?

Stepping out into the world, all of us take on different roles and responsibilities, whether we like it or not. We start out, being dependent on our parents or guardians, and end up being solely responsible for our actions, or do we? Are you accountable for your decisions, driven by (hopefully) your ‘own’ belief system – or someone else’s? When you have a child, there is definitely a period of transformation into the ‘mother’ or ‘father’, that society expects from us, without conscious thought. This normally changes when you adjust to being a parent, and reclaim your identity, right? Some people devote 15-20 years (solely) to their children, and when they leave the family home, the ‘mother’ feels temporarily disillusioned. Always dismissing their own emotional and physical needs, and therefore effectively, exclusive to her prized children. However, there is nothing wrong with this; to surrender your life for others’, is brave and noble.

When married, there is partnership. Togetherness and separateness, are vital to sustain a relationship, for the good of both people. Again, if you dedicate all your time to your partner, are you actually living your own life, or possessed by someone else?

I need, and you (possibly) need friendships and relationships, to explore the human condition. It is beneficial to experience the feeling of love, desire, lust, yearning and pain, to be real. I have friends who are broken, and choose to remain that way, why? Do other people deserve to have your life, too? Take the power back – it takes guts to be human, and live each day, with purpose.


Do you ever stare at your ‘own’ reflection, in the shop window, as you walk past? Do you like what you see? You should, otherwise you need to change the way you ‘perceive’ the world, or alter your appearance. As a writer, I observe people, without question. All the freckles, thick rimmed glasses, body piercings, tattoos, and bad hair. Everyone has a story to tell, through their gaze, smile or voice. Mostly, people morph through ageing. From innocence to paranoia, normally. It is all about confidence, make sure you own this. Celebrities can afford to look glamorous everyday. They are also human beings, with feelings. Just like you.


Derived from Greek words, which refers to the combination of both masculine and feminine characteristics. Fashion designers play with androgyny on the catwalk and in (editorial) print, especially Vivienne Westwood, Giorgio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Alexander McQueen, blah, you get it. David Bowie, Boy George, Annie Lennox and Prince all challenged the norms of society in the 70’s and pushed the boundaries wearing cross gender wardrobes by the 80’s. Liberating. There is also, a new fashion label called ‘Androgyny’ in San Francisco, that make unique shirts only for women, ‘to inspire personal confidence that fit as true as your own skin.’ There is high demand for this product. Great. Clothing is our identity, our badge, right? In the western world we have the freedom to express ourselves, which is radical. Top model, Stella Tennant gets my vote. Helmut Newton is another favourite, gifted photographer. Androgyny will always be (the new) black.

“In a sense I portray myself in a very androgynous way, and I love androgyny.” – Lady Gaga