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What is your favourite brand? Maybe Gucci, Fendi, Miu Miu, Nike, Apple, Swatch, Audi or Wagamama?

Whether you are into designer products or high street: brands are in our daily life, right?

When I am shopping in the supermarket, labels and/or packaging on first glance: speak volumes. If I don’t like the design or logo, I won’t buy it. Unless it had been recommended to me, then maybe I might make an exception.

My friend recently asked me to help her with (possible) brand names for her start-up. After two hours of deliberating, I think we have something.


I suppose we are all brands: individually. However when we think Porsche or Giorgio Armani, what comes to mind? Style, chic, sophistication and expensive right?

Lastly, What does your brand smell, taste, sound, feel and look like?

Are You An Innovator?

NZ Innovators Awards 2013

What do you do – to make something happen? Are you one of those people, that think about (untapped ideas) for ages, and maybe discuss it with your friends, then never execute the (great) idea?

Or are you the risk taker – the go-getter?

I prefer the latter.

Even with all platforms of social media – we still need human contact – to grow and share information. I speak with my friend (regularly) about my internal thoughts, and whether they make sense on paper. Nonetheless – if I like it enough – I will bring it to life, no matter what.

Innovation helps shape who we are.

Do you invent or create?

Where Do You Think?

Normally my most cherished thoughts, randomly arrive when I am driving, having a shower, or talking to someone about something else. I ponder a lot, when I write a play. The story needs to marinate in my head for ages, developing, and changes daily. The characters need to have names, and personalities. No faces.

Writing can be perceived as selfish – as you need space, and more space. Probably that is why I can be aloof, buried in my imagination. Creating ideas, that become a story, then a reality. Or not. Depending on the storytelling.

I love theatre.

“Good writing excites me, and makes life worth living.” – Harold Pinter