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Directing into Melbourne

Do I fancy directing a play into Melbourne soon? Before Christmas 2012? Well yes:) Written by Alex Broun, award-winning Australian playwright/screenwriter, great! So far, I have 9 theatre directing credits to my name including Motherlock 2010/11, Tipping Point by Mark Andrew (Also Australian playwright), SkinTight by Gary Henderson, The Artefact Project 2011/12 and my latest work for charlatan clinic, performed in September 2012, Motherlock/pURe double-bill. All of the aforementioned productions have eventuated in the last 2.9 years. I have seen about 75 plays this year, try to attend around 100 plays a year, some in Auckland and others through NZ and offshore. Have a few dates booked with the theatre in the next 10 days so will share my experiences with you soon!

Ciao x