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Are You Good At Remembering Names?


We all have busy lives, and meet a lot of people over the course of time. I have always wondered why I sometimes completely forget someone’s name, when I have (only) just met them? Do you experience this conundrum?

Apparently, scientists have revealed that ‘the brain has a restricted capacity to learn things and preventing some memory formation would be a way to avoid overload.’

At least I know now – that this is universal.

Sometimes I can have a lot happening in my mind, can be introduced to many people, and only remember a couple of names from a group. I find if I repeat their name, more than once, it is locked into my recall, instantly.

Remember when you ran into that person the other day (only met them last week) and you go blank? What do you say? Awkward right? Yes. Absolutely.

Do you use name association? Name rhyming? Or something else?