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Living And Breathing Theatre


Starting a new project is always exhilarating.

Working collaboratively with a small team, to create performance art.

‘salt’ may potentially, also be a short film soon.

I am consumed by the characters (Henry & Lilly) and their lives, and their stories.

I will share my experience with you through the platform of social media, film, radio, print and experiential events.

Let the journey begin!


The art of communication is essential for survival, in everything you do, whether it be general conversation, public speaking, social media, pitching for business and/or building new relationships with a client, or maybe connecting with other actors, in the rehearsal room. That is why teaching drama to children is so rewarding, the ‘grassroots’ of effective communication, that establishes confidence, basic life skills through the platform of role-play and improvisation, organs of articulation and most importantly, listening skills. Children all vary in their abilities, however, small steps bring great results, from not speaking a word in a few months to reciting work (poetry) to an audience. Communication makes a difference, reading the newspaper, watching real-time television or attending a networking meeting, influences and redefines your perception. Constantly. We are what we communicate.