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Michael Hurst Talks Sex


“Creative Mornings” is a monthly forum (and a must) for anyone who wants to collaborate, listen, observe, assimilate, network or grow from the content of the speakers, and the people that attend.

Hosted at Q Theatre in the ‘Lounge’ with complimentary water from “Antipodes” and the coffee was “Supreme” – don’t mind if I do.

Michael Hurst spoke enthusiastically about directing ‘sex’ on stage and film, with the key subject matter being “Chicago” produced by Auckland Theatre Company and of course “Hercules” and “Spartacus”.

“When do we cross the line?” Michael spoke about what you can and can’t do on set and stage, for example an actor can suck a nipple however there can be no contact with teeth. Fair enough? Why is that? Too erotic, health and safety issue, or maybe it’s a legal matter. Interesting one.

He spoke about the difficulties with contractual obligations with actors and full nudity being a stumbling block. Also, directing scenes in “Spartacus” with male actors and using prosthetics when necessary.

Never mind the relationship issues it can cause the actor when they go home to their partner? How do they deal with this? In my experience there are rules between couples and obviously insurmountable trust. Break it and you lose the love of your life.

Great subject matter at any time of the day!


Melissa Fergusson from PlaySix

Working in a black box (bare stage) with my actors and script in hand, is utter perfection. Today we travelled far into the cohesive collaborative workspace, that I call home. A new play called ‘Death of Caesar’ by Alex Broun, explores a play, within a play. Actors torn between real time experiences and their performance. Two worlds colliding, everything is at stake, including the heart. Just completed an interview with Australian Theatre, should be available online soon. Melbourne has a strong theatre culture, that consumes me. More rehearsals in the park tomorrow. Theatre is my first love. Pure hedonism.