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David Bowie is so very, very popular at the V&A (****)

I wish I could attend! Thanks for the review Chris:)

Grubby Strugglers

The cultural icon that is David Bowie gets his first retrospective exhibition at the V&A. Overwhelmingly populist, it’s (unsurprisingly) outsold every other exhibition the V&A has ever put on, and has been timed well to coincide with the man’s latest album, but there is more to this than just another publicity exercise.

It’s rather fortuitously timed, this David Bowie retrospective, with his new album just being released. But whether this is all part of some well-oiled PR drive is just conjecture: the V&A’s retrospective has little connection with the man himself, apart from being given access to his archive of costumes, instruments and other paraphernelia, and it seems he hasn’t even attended yet. It’s also, to be honest, quite irrelevant: Bowie’s iconic status, obsession with costume and set design and striking imagery are well worth analysis, and this exhibition delivers much-needed insight into the factors that have made him such…

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Ten years of silence, and now David Bowie has resurfaced, with his latest single, “Where Are We Now?” released (yesterday) on January 8, which also happens to be his 66th birthday. What an incredibly poignant, thought provoking song. The video is set against an interchangeable Berlin backdrop, apparently reminiscent of his time spent there in the 70’s. ‘Ziggy Stardust’ was a strong influence in my life, along with his androgynous style and unconventional attitudes. He vanished into obscurity for sometime due to (possible) health implications, and focused on his family. This song was tweeted to the world, and the world liked it.