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Truth, Dare or PromiseUP?

Do you remember playing this game, as a teenager? Sometimes, the ‘truth or dare’ would put you on the spot, or make you feel awkward, right? Kissing someone you didn’t know, taking off a piece of your clothing, or maybe a confession. This new app called ‘PromiseUP’ launched last week, due to the founders becoming tired of broken promises. We can all relate to that. Most people promise (to self) to get fit, eat healthier, stop using facebook, smile more, or do some study. Self-improvement and affirmations, to the hilt. If you fail to uphold your promise, you lose PromiseUp virtual dollars. When you succeed, your virtual dollar(s) balance increases. Everyone is gifted $1000 PromiseUP dollars to begin the process, to promise your heart out to family, friends or yourself. You can even redeem your virtual dollars in the UPSHOP for t-shirts, and other hip items. Cool. I have a few promises to upload. What about you?