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Are You An Innovator?

NZ Innovators Awards 2013

What do you do – to make something happen? Are you one of those people, that think about (untapped ideas) for ages, and maybe discuss it with your friends, then never execute the (great) idea?

Or are you the risk taker – the go-getter?

I prefer the latter.

Even with all platforms of social media – we still need human contact – to grow and share information. I speak with my friend (regularly) about my internal thoughts, and whether they make sense on paper. Nonetheless – if I like it enough – I will bring it to life, no matter what.

Innovation helps shape who we are.

Do you invent or create?


What are you willing to give up, to be an artist? Are you a writer, sculptor, screenwriter, actor or photographer? How long does it take, to make a living from your art? Well (in my experience), you do a lot of work for contra, exposure and/or zilch income. However, if you stick to it like glue, you will get results. You just to need to earn some money, to cover the essentials. My advice is to never give up, in what you believe in. Dream. Focus. Create. And keep on doing it.