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Do You Think About #poverty?

A couple of days ago, I donated two bags of groceries to Auckland City Mission.

The very next day I saw an article in the newspaper stating that the food queues outside the Mission were huge and unexpected, as there is still (just under) two weeks to go before #Christmas.

Apparently 250 people are being given food parcels per day.

How does that make you feel?

The thing that gets me the most is child #poverty. Right here in New Zealand, 1 out of 4 children go without their basic needs: staggering.

#poverty is everywhere, maybe next door to you, or down the street.

Just give a little this #Christmas if you can, you’ll be richer for it! #altruism


Would You Sleep Rough For Charity?

Lifewise 2013 Big Sleepout

Homelessness is an epidemic.

I drive past the Auckland City Mission daily, to witness many people sitting outside – waiting to get a bed for the night – or desperate for something to eat.

Most of us have either experienced hard times, with no or little money to get by, however we normally have a sibling, parent, friend or colleague that can help us out.

In Auckland, on the 4th July, a bunch of well-known people (celebrities or influential-types) are ‘sleeping rough’ voluntarily, to get a taste of what it can be like: raise awareness and also fundraise some dosh in the process.

Cold nights, cardboard mattresses, threadbare blankets and everything you own, huddled close.

Do you think about homelessness? Volunteer for a soup kitchen? Sell the Big Issue?

What’s behind your smile?

Isn’t moving house, one of the most stressful events, you can experience? What with packing all your belongings in boxes, wrapping each item, to ensure there are no breakages. But really, the best thing of all, is having to repeat the ‘same’ experience, hours later in reverse. Forwards and backwards, and hopefully, after many hours of packing and unpacking, you are happy. When I popped out briefly (to do some chores, before the removal van arrived), I was accosted by charity workers, who were trying to tell me, how amazing ‘Greenpeace’ is. Sign here. Thereafter 3 beggars: busking, yelling, and wearing signage to give them money. Then a shoe polisher. ‘Best deal in town’. Lastly, an acquaintance I had not seen for 6 months. All within 10 minutes. With all these interactions, I just smiled. Even though I wanted to say, something quite different. Some people choose to wear grim faces, and blank or dismiss every new encounter. Why? This conversation could be the beginning of a new idea, friendship, personal discovery, or they could just make your day. Smiling is definitely underrated.


Who do you support? Recently, I attended a charity event that was rather special. The focus was to raise money for our children’s hospital care (both inpatient and outpatient). They are the future, after all. Hearing a life-changing story about a near death experience, with an infant swallowing poison, highlights how life can change instantaneously. The gift of giving is pure benevolence, to promote the well-being of our youth. All guests donated generously through silent and live auctions. There was laughter, live entertainment, fortune telling, wishing trees and a photo booth, to capture that ‘unique’ moment. It was exhilarating to be apart of something, that is saving and promoting the health of young people. How do you make a difference?