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Do you ever stare at your ‘own’ reflection, in the shop window, as you walk past? Do you like what you see? You should, otherwise you need to change the way you ‘perceive’ the world, or alter your appearance. As a writer, I observe people, without question. All the freckles, thick rimmed glasses, body piercings, tattoos, and bad hair. Everyone has a story to tell, through their gaze, smile or voice. Mostly, people morph through ageing. From innocence to paranoia, normally. It is all about confidence, make sure you own this. Celebrities can afford to look glamorous everyday. They are also human beings, with feelings. Just like you.


Have you been proactive (enough) today? Completed all the menial tasks around the house, done the grocery shopping, walked the dog, and been to the gym? I can now simply say ‘no’, to 2 out of 4 of those questions, without guilt. Before, (maybe two years ago) I would put so much pressure on myself, to do a 35hr day, in 16hr duration. Why? Do we feel ‘better’ for achieving everything, on the ‘to do list’? Time is precious, right? That is why everyone is so busy, all the time. Maybe we need to be strategic thinkers, in our personal life too? Only you know what is important. Remember to laugh.


Fact. Actual. Fidelity. To be honest with yourself in everything you do, is liberating. Not only about what you think of other people, things or events, but yourself. There is no certainty in your workplace, relationships, or even, how you react or deal with adversity. Life choices are paramount to personal development, whether it was the right or wrong decision, it was the ‘correct’ choice in that moment. Change is imminent when you age. Most people I speak to, love themselves more today, than they did twenty years ago. Truth is understanding your purpose in life, on a deeper level than material. Being a parent is a rewarding role, that confronts truth, on a regular basis, real time events that can sometimes make you address, your ‘inner’ self. Integrity breeds good relationships in love and work, truth also ignites opportunity, aplenty.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha