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Philanthropy: The Art of Gifting

After reading an article called ‘Theatre of Life’ in Monocle magazine, about subsidised housing and financial aid for retired (notable) actors, journalists and artists in Munich, Germany: it affected me profoundly. The Foundation was formed in the 1970’s, after Werner Friedmann passed away and his wife, Anneliese (both journalists) set up the charity. The funding originally came from a circus, called the Stars in der Manège, until 2008. There is a rigorous selection process, based on need, for the 32 apartments across central Munich, with long waiting lists. You need to have contributed to the landscape of Munich, by way of work and reputation. All the (resident) creatives still thrive in the vibrant community, some who still write, sing and edit films. Brilliant. The art of gifting, or giving back is so rewarding and life-changing. Are you a philanthropist?


Who do you support? Recently, I attended a charity event that was rather special. The focus was to raise money for our children’s hospital care (both inpatient and outpatient). They are the future, after all. Hearing a life-changing story about a near death experience, with an infant swallowing poison, highlights how life can change instantaneously. The gift of giving is pure benevolence, to promote the well-being of our youth. All guests donated generously through silent and live auctions. There was laughter, live entertainment, fortune telling, wishing trees and a photo booth, to capture that ‘unique’ moment. It was exhilarating to be apart of something, that is saving and promoting the health of young people. How do you make a difference?