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Business Of Theatre


I attended an enjoyable theatre forum today, at the Auckland Theatre Company – facilitated by Lynne Cardy and Michael Adams.

We discussed the topic of developing new audiences, through the platform of digital marketing.

Online and Offline presence are equally important for any brand – namely a theatre company, who wants to be sustainable. We openly discussed the subject of raising awareness of personal and company branding through images, video and human engagement.

After all – theatre is about storytelling for people, who are willing to watch and listen. Yes?

Who is our audience? What is their persona? Do they have a digital footprint? How can we bring value to their life – by live performance ?

So many (great) questions.

I write and direct plays because it excites me – to create new and controversial work for the stage.
Each rehearsal brings new discoveries, vulnerabilities and truth.

I think theatre scares some people. I have spoken to acquaintances, strangers and random individuals, who have never experienced theatre, ever.


As well as having website presence, and Hootsuite to manage all your social media platforms – it is still important to have human interaction. Always.

Long live theatre.


Tonight I was invited to (a sneak peek) behind the scenes, for Auckland Theatre Company’s upcoming production of ‘Kings of the Gym’ by Dave Armstrong. The cast includes John Leigh, Bronwyn Bradley, Brett O’Gorman and Cian Elyse White, directed by Peter Elliott. A snippet of the play was performed, we meet the principal, Viv Cleaver who is head-strong and confrontational. She challenges the dogmatic views of Laurie O’Connor, the PE (Physical Education) head, who is not very politically correct, albeit funny. Then, in walks a new teacher. “This play is all about the heart, not about the gags.” Looking forward to seeing the full performance, opening 7 February – 2 March. Great cast.