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Do You Date Online?

Have you ever used Match.com? I did 10 years ago and dated three men who turned out (respectively) to be an engineer, an art historian and a barrister. Not bad odds. So what about Tinder? I had a quick look at this app and it looks like sex comes easy – to some. Slide the screen across to the left, and simply choose the heart to accept, or X to decline. It’s great to meet people fast in your vicinity, if you get a match – then what? What about Zoosk? You can download this app and connect with people easily too – however you need to pay (handsomely) to chat or message people. I think a lot of us find ‘window shopping’ for potential hook-ups, dates, sex or relationships appealing right? You select and speak to men or women, on your terms without any physical contact. It bets wasting time blind-dating or speed-dating perhaps? Make sure you articulate what you want on these digital dating sites, and it might keep you busy for a while, until the novelty wears off. There are also other dating apps that are globally popular including: Let’s date, e Harmony, OK Cupid, PlentyofFish, Howaboutme, Badoo and Grindr for gay men.

Digital dating is something that is here to stay: transactional relationships, casual intimacy and the occasional marriage.

What are your thoughts? Does it work for you? Why or why not?

What Apps Do You Use To Communicate?


Do you still pay for your (phone) calls and/or text messages?

There are so many (free) apps now available for download, that you should seriously look into, if you are not using Skype, Viper, FaceTime, Whatsapp, Line or iMessage already!

I tend to use Whatsapp the most. It’s free, works across Android, IPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phones.
However, you can only send text messages, if you have the app.

Skype is amazing, with a good internet connection. You can video and audio call world-wide, free to all Skype-savvy users.

FaceTime is the same as Skype.

Viber offers free text and calls over WIFI or 3G connections.

Apple offers free iMessage (text only) between iPads and iPhones. Yep, I use it.

So I encourage you to think about these apps, before you pay for next phone call, or text!
Apparently, it is the minority that still pay?

Are you in?