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You Need #Zomato In Your Life


Have you even heard of “Zomato”? Neither had I until recently. This is an “online restaurant discovery guide” birthed in India in 2008, then launched in New Zealand at the end of 2013.

This is a consumer-driven review platform, where verified bloggers upload content and give their feedback on the overall experience, with a rating of 1 to 5.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows phones, PC and blackberry devices.
I have the app. You have multiple search choices, handsome photos, upto date menus to view (of every cafe/restaurant) and it’s seamless.

It’s accessible, user-friendly and you now save time by knowing the menu!

Great for foodies and busy people!

Got #Jelly App Yet?


This engaging platform/app called “Jelly” is a new way to search and seek information, through the knowledge of others, by connecting with your (social) networks: Facebook and Twitter.

Biz Stone (Twitter Cofounder) and Ben Finkel would like to “make the world a more empathetic place” to live.

After downloading the app, you take a photo of something and send your question out to your network, simply asking your friends and followers what/where/who it is.


Hot or not?

Why Yelp?


In the last 12 months, I have become bored with some social media platforms, (including Pheed, Thumb, Snapchat and PromiseUP) so obviously I wondered what ‘Yelp’, had to offer.

After reading the impressive growth statistics – such as having 100 million (unique) visitors in one month (January 2013), that got me interested. Launched in October 2004 in San Francisco, California – nearly 9 years young. Now in 22 countries,
apparently up there with Google +.

Anyone can internet rate and review restaurants, bars, cafes and other services – great. You can also check-in, search for nearby eateries, tip, bookmark and share with (friendly) social networks.

Yelp is accessible on both (smartphone) app and desktop.

I really like reading people’s experiences and perspectives on a public review site – no wonder it’s growing. Interactive, engaging and ‘real’. Rad.

Truth, Dare or PromiseUP?

Do you remember playing this game, as a teenager? Sometimes, the ‘truth or dare’ would put you on the spot, or make you feel awkward, right? Kissing someone you didn’t know, taking off a piece of your clothing, or maybe a confession. This new app called ‘PromiseUP’ launched last week, due to the founders becoming tired of broken promises. We can all relate to that. Most people promise (to self) to get fit, eat healthier, stop using facebook, smile more, or do some study. Self-improvement and affirmations, to the hilt. If you fail to uphold your promise, you lose PromiseUp virtual dollars. When you succeed, your virtual dollar(s) balance increases. Everyone is gifted $1000 PromiseUP dollars to begin the process, to promise your heart out to family, friends or yourself. You can even redeem your virtual dollars in the UPSHOP for t-shirts, and other hip items. Cool. I have a few promises to upload. What about you?

Do You Thumb?

Have you heard of Thumb? This app is incredibly simple to use and consumer driven. You just upload a photo and ask a question, to fellow members to comment with text, and add thumbs up, thumbs down or neutral to rate the product, service or idea. Thumb creates serious engagement, with an average of 50-100 responses in minutes. There is everything to comment on from fake nails, exotic locations, products, relationships woes, hot bodies and religion, to name a few. When you rate and comment on an image, along with a question, you then accumulate votes and stars on your profile. Thumb is also on twitter, of course, however they don’t tweet much. Great for brands to get ‘real-time’ feedback, if you want to jump in. Cool app.