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Short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which individuals use costume and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. The term ‘cosplay’ originated in Japan, then was reinvented in North America. It continues to grow in popularity through Europe, South America and Australia. I discovered ‘cosplay’ a while ago, so far I have been ‘Uma Thurman’ (Black Mamba) from Kill Bill, a Geisha, Jane Jetson and soon to be another character, for an event in December. Costuming is temporary reinvention, as you can hopefully remove the make-up, wig, way-out clothing, body paint and anything else you choose to wear, that isn’t permanent. Lady Gaga and Madonna are well known for all their dress changes when touring, it could be called, people designing maybe? charlatan clinic regularly work with fashion and/or costume designers for the stage, collaborating on the brief, the outcome is always unexpected and fabulous. Who are you going to be, at your next Christmas party?