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Photography Project: Four Corners of New ZealandĀ 

Recently I went to the opening of #fourcournersofnz by Richard Hodder: photography (at its’ absolute best) featuring landscapes of rich and wholesome ‘Kiwi’ land. By that I mean – Richard has captured the idyllic surfing waves in motion’, the uninterrupted countryside, majestic lakes, rugged ‘off the beaten track’ roads to paradise from Cape Reinga, Northland to Lake Hawea, Otago. Allpress roastery was brimming with friends & strangers eager to see what lined the walls. The ‘open’ and ‘limited’ edition works are available for sale from $300 upto $1350 (The Scoop @Allens Beach) to the general public. There are 23 works on exhibition from 15 – 25 July. I found out about this extraordinary photography project via Instagram @inthedrink. You need to go before it disappears – just saying. 


Today I met with a fellow actor friend, in one of my favourite cafe’s in Ponsonby, Auckland. New Zealand is certainly extreme, when it comes to ‘coffee culture’. Most connoisseurs refuse to drink instant, and will turn their nose’ up, if not the ‘bean’ of choice. I am one of those people. When I travel, especially to Asia for example, where do you buy a long black? Do you import your own beans, if you reside there? That is what I would have to do. Normally, my daily requirement is a triple shot latte. I love the smell of coffee. I wonder why some people can drink any blend, and others would rather go without? Coffee, also creates an experience, when labouring over scripts, definitely. ‘Allpress’ is my vice, great coffee, always.

“I don’t know how people live without coffee, I really don’t.” – Martha Quinn