Interview With LEW High Performance: Laura Ehlen-Wilson

Laura has worked as a Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer for 15 years; specialising in Plyometric Training, Pilates, Functional Training & Injury Rehabilitation. In 2014 Laura worked with 3 NRL teams for the Auckland NRL 9’s tournament, New Zealand Warriors League team, New Zealand Kiwis Junior, Seniors Rugby League 4 Nations; England Rugby team while in NZ.

1. When did you discover your love of fitness?

Fitness has always been a big part of my life, even as a child. I come from a very active family: very outdoorsy doing water sports and other activities. Both my brother and I were extremely competitive in sports – as children.
I learnt to push my body very young.
Selected for Scottish junior squad: competitive sprinter and also trained to represent the UK in Heptathlon. Former Sprint Champion.

2. Is being a PT your dream job? If so, why?

I love my job. It’s so unique to have the privilege to transform people’s lives. That could be by something small, like a change in someone’s mind-set. The fact that I work in a multi-disciplinary way with my clients varying from being a sports injury therapist or alternatively functional training to strengthening and conditioning work. Most of my clients (around 60-70%) are professional athletes; I have many other incredible clients that are transforming their lives along with mine.

3. What are your challenges as a personal trainer?

My biggest challenge is to be a great trainer; while also working as an injury rehabilitation therapist, in turn juggling my ‘family life’ which is the ultimate challenge.

4. What sort of people do you train? Athletes? Normal people?

My work involves many different people however I work a lot with teams, sporting organisations and individual athletes both for sports injury therapy and conditioning training. I particularly love working with up-and-coming athletes. The difference I can make to impact their careers is extensive. I love that challenge to work with athletes under crazy time constraints. I also train with corporates and regular people who all have personal goals to get fit, while developing a healthier self; transforming mind and body.

5. Is diet just as important as exercise to reach fitness goals, do you think?

Nutrition impacts on every aspect of our being. Be that physical, spiritual, emotional or otherwise. Everything starts with feeding our body that is the basic fundamental of life. Crack that formula and you’re onto a winner. Nutrition affects everything, not just our physical state but our emotional and cognitive ability.

6. Who would you really like to work with – name anyone?

There is not one individual I think I must work with. People always intrigue me. We all have special talents; it’s about empowering people to have the strength to be their best.

7. Are all your clients victorious?

Victory is in the ‘eye’ of the beholder – always.

8. What is your favourite brand of shoes and sports attire?

I have a few favourites: Nike for general training; Asics for running and NBand Adidas
for cross-training. As for clothing: Lululemon, Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

9. In your opinion – does exercise give you ‘quality of life’?

Yes – without question fitness gives you ‘quality of life’. Our bodies were designed to move. Without movement there can be no life on a microscopic level, or on a global level.

10. What makes you smile?

First and foremost my 3 children. However people in general – I admire people. I love the sound of people’s voices.
When I need to decompress and recharge – nothing bets water. I find it very cleansing. Fresh running water: the ocean or a stream. It brings calmness to my fast paced life.
It’s about balance. When we are happy (inside and out) – we smile without thinking.

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