Interview with ‘Mister Burlesque’

charlatan clinic

1. When/how did you discover your ‘love’ of burlesque?

I was an acrobatic performer before I discovered burlesque, there was one show, Cabaret Askew, made by the exceptional Kali Zahira, that had quite a nice range of cross over between dance, cabaret and circus. During the rehearsals I met the fabulous Miss Candy Phloss, now Phlossy Roxx. We became friends and at the afterparty of the show she asked me if I had a solo act, I said No, so she said she’d help me make one and put me on stage for my first time as a ‘burlesque’ performer for the first Queerlesque in Auckland, that was about three or four years ago now. I just never stopped.

2. Where do you get your inspiration for costuming and choreography?

Now this is a hard question. It goes back long before I started to dance. I have always been a…

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