#Yelp Review: Besotted With Flowers

I have to say, “Floral Design At Vida Flores” is up there with the top “Yelp Elite” events in Auckland, to date.

As I entered this unfamiliar shop jam-packed with luscious flowers, I walked to the pop-up bar, and was greeted by our hosts: Davina, Gretchen from Vida Flores and the lovely Alex.

“Are you our tweeter?” was the first comment.

“Yes – Yelper and tweeter!” I said.

I was offered a beverage of either “Doris Day” (Slipsmith damson plum vodka, violet liqueur, damson plum purée, fresh lemon juice and soda. Or “Elderflower and Gin Lemonade” (Tanqueray gin, elderflower syrup, passion fruit, fresh lemon and soda) both designed by Ponsonby Road Bistro.

Pure indulgence as I sipped away on my “Doris Day” admiring the French (creamy) cheeses from “Maison Vauron”. My favourite was the Reblochon.

Gretchen demonstrated the art of flower design, in small to large fish-bowls. Impress she did – the whole room of women took photos in wonderment.

Davina did a mini Masterclass on “spiralling” and the “tricks of the trade” when creating a flower bouquet.

Now the fun begins!

All the yelpers were given an assortment of flowers to spiral individually and create our own art. Looks easier than it is! I had to spiral twice, to perfect my bouquet!

Sterling experience.

Yelping. A lot of yelping to be had.



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