LOVE Questionnaire #10

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1. What is LOVE (in your opinion)?

Love to me is a heightened level of care that you have for someone. I always wonder how people I love are, regardless of how long it has been since I have seen them or at what stage in their lives they are. People I love are always on my mind.

2. Do you believe in love?

Yes, most certainly do.

3. What are your dreams re above?

I never had any expectations when it came to love. I always believed that is was something that happened. The only dreaming I did was about the scenarios in which it would occur.

4. Who was your (childhood) sweetheart?

My first ever “girlfriend”, back in Holland. Who I never got to kiss.

5. When did you first feel butterflies in your tummy?

I only had that recently, with my current partner or was that just…

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